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Get to the next level in your Customer Success career

The Customer Success Project provides education and coaching for Customer Success Managers at all stages of their career. 

Gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence to level up as a Customer Success Manager. Join our weekly newsletter to get 100% actionable CS tactics–0% theories. 


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The Customer Success Project is here for you at every step of your journey. 

Here's how we can help you in your career in customer success, right now:


The Strategic CS Labs Pilot is a five-week, cohort-style program that teaches you how to be a more strategic CSM. Learn how to lead more strategic conversations (get out of reactive mode), articulate the value of your partnership and your tool/product more effectively, the different CS strategies to help you achieve your/your client's goals, and how to execute these strategies. 


Join the Tracsion Career Search program and get clear on your job search strategy! You'll learn how to articulate your transferable experience, stories, and action plans, develop a standout resume, make connections that lead to jobs, and sell yourself on interviews so you can go from "I'm sorry to inform you" to "You're hired!"


Inside the webinar, you'll discover the critical shift from reactive problem-solver to proactive strategist. A framework that teaches the "how" behind relationships, data, planning, and execution. Actionable tactics to drive long-term customer success and growth.


Customer Success 101 is a lightning-fast course to empower you with the knowledge you need to know about Customer Success. This course is for CSMs at every stage of their career. Understand Customer Success at a high level while also learning the actionable insights on how it's applied in the real world.

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