get the Customer success job of your dreams. 

Know the Basics

What are SaaS, Customer Success, and the different stages of a SaaS company

find the right CS jobs

Tips on how to search, where to find the right CS jobs, and how to network

Nail the interview 

How to prepare, be confident and stand out during your CSM interviews

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What's Included in the ebook:

Customer Success Basics
  • What is Software as a Service or SaaS

  • SaaS resources 

  • What is a Customer Success Manager (CSM)?

  • The Day-to-Day of a CSM

  • Responsibilities and skills

Finding a Customer Success Management Job
  • Differences in a "Customer Success Manager" role

  • Where to find a Customer Success Manager job?

  • How to make your assets stand out (tips on resume + cover letter + LinkedIn)

  • Networking

The Interview Process
  • How to do your research (thoroughly!)

  • Questions they'll ask you

  • How to create an interview guide 

  • Question/Answer techniques

  • Questions to ask your interviewer

  • Red flags to look out for 


CSM Tasks (Later stage of the interview)
  • What to expect

  • How to approach this task

  • What are they expecting from you?

  • How to WOW in your presentation

  • Examples of presentation 

Final Stage of the Interview:
  • Call with CEO/Exec

  • Compensation discussion


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What people have to say about the guide...

Hi Diana! I just finished reading your E-guide, it was superrrrrrr helpful! Wish I would’ve read this BEFORE my interview last week 😅. Thanks for taking the time to put great content out! - Grace Molina (HIRED!)


...I’ve been a silent viewer on TikTok (and most recently, YouTube) for a few months now and you’ve inspired me to pursue a CS role despite my background in advertising. I really appreciate what you’ve been doing for people who want to break into Tech and I’m so lucky to come across you and your content this early on in my career!


Excited to share as well that I’ll be starting a new role as Customer Success Associate at a SaaS company by mid-November. Could not have done it without your advice! Cheers! - Angelica Mariano (HIRED!) 


Hi Diana, I was looking to make a move to a CS role and was searching for a good resource that can help me understand the role and provide tips on interviews. Your Ultimate Guide was really helpful, and guess what?? I got my dream job as a CSM recently. Thanks a ton. Love to connect with you 🙂 - Mohammad Ghouse (HIRED!)

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