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Customer Success Career Coaching

Hi, I'm Diana, your Customer Success Career Coach! Throughout my career, I have taken on various roles, such as team lead, customer success manager, and customer marketing manager at prominent startups. Working with over 50 CS teams to help them streamline their operations and unlock their team's potential through coaching. 

Being a Customer Success professional is no walk in the park–the work is challenging and sometimes overwhelming. You need someone in your corner to help you gain the confidence you need to level up in your career. My coaching is all about supporting you in your journey through guidance and providing you with tactical frameworks and templates you can apply in your day-to-day work. 

CS Professionals Coaching

This is for you if you're in customer success and want to grow in your career. I offer specialized coaching tailored to your needs, helping you gain confidence in your work, prioritize effectively, and develop essential customer success skills such as discovery and relationship building. Together, we'll sharpen your abilities, ensure your customers achieve their desired outcomes, and set you on a path to success in the field of customer success. 


CS Job Search Coaching

Ready for your next move in customer success? That's exciting!


We've helped hundreds of people land roles in CS through our CS Job Search Coaching. If you're looking to get clear on your job search strategy (pin pointing what you're looking for and how to properly align your skills/experience to your next role in CS), need to revamp your resume, and want to sharpen your interviewing skills, this job search coaching service will ramp you up so you're well on your way to land a job.

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