The Ultimate Course On Land A Customer Success Job



What is this course?

There's more to landing a Customer Success job than a polished resume and a good response to "tell me about yourself."

To start, there's a massive upfront learning curve if you're transitioning to Customer Success (especially if you're coming from a field outside of tech) and the interviews themselves can be a bit of a mystery box. 

After helping hundreds of individuals land high-paying Customer Success jobs through my guide, content, and one-on-one session, I'm now embarking on creating the most extensive course complete with all of the proven tactics to land a CS job that you can take at your own pace. This easy-to-navigate course is built on a new framework I've developed called L.A.N.D. here's a quick overview: 

  • Learn - Understand the basics of CS, SaaS, different CS roles, companies, job responsibilities, where to apply, and more.  

  • Align - Design a job search strategy that frames your skills, experience, and expertise in a way that positions you as a promising CS candidate. 

  • Network - Ditch the spray and pray method and increase your chances of success by meeting the right people. 

  • Due Diligence - Stand out from the crowd with your interviewing skills to secure the job.

Throughout this course, you’ll find assignments to help you put into practice what you learn, templates (like presentation decks, resume reviews, and more) so you're not starting things from scratch and plenty of resources to enhance your knowledge and help you stand out.

If you’re ready to grow in your career, leave behind the rejections and land a CS job, this course is for you.

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