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Customer Success: Where To Start?

Let's be real...there's A LOT of information out there about Customer Success.

It's very easy to get overwhelmed, and rightfully so. As someone who once aspired to move into the CS space, there was nothing more daunting than going through an interview for a CS position and being asked about concepts and processes I've never heard of.

Not knowing was what led me to create my blog To expose myself to CS insights, I recapped a podcast episode about CS. And over the course of a few months, I started learning about books in the CS space, blogs, and thought leaders. All of this created the foundation for me and helped me 5X my learnings and lock in a job in Success.

Good news: You don't have to start a blog or spend months finding resources! Luckily the CS community has our back 🙌

Sarah Bierenbaum created a resource that centralizes CS resources you need to know to help you land a job! Sarah was kind enough to send that over to me so that we can spread this word. A true CS leader!

Sarah Bierenbaum, you are... A real one 👏

In this PDF, you'll find a list of CS professionals to follow, books, podcasts, training, networks, etc. Download the PDF below to access this resource.

Customer Success - Where to Start
Download PDF • 40KB

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