• Diana De Jesus

Opinion: WTF Are You Doing, LinkedIn?

Let me set the stage for this post. It's an opinion piece because opinions can change. And right now my opinion is this:

WTF are you doing, LinkedIn?

Am I going to come across salty on this post? YES (more on this later)

What's going on? Let me tell you...

There are two significant things that have changed for me on LinkedIn recently (over the last month or so).

  1. I'm not seeing the usual content in my feed by the creators I follow

  2. My engagement has significantly decreased

Let's start with the first one.

I'm not seeing the usual content in my feed by the creators I follow on LinkedIn

This one is a biggie for me.

Not only do I create content on LinkedIn, I also consume a lot of content. It's how I learn from others, hear about their experience and engage with the wider community.

In the past, when I opened up my LinkedIn (regardless of device), I would see my *clears throat* MY connections and the content they created.

Of course, I also saw ads, a random post that someone in my network liked or commented but the majority of the content that I had on my feed was created by my 1st connections who happened to be also consistent content creators. I'm talking about Kristi Faltorusso, Megan Bowen, Ashna Patel, etc.

And now, here's exactly what I see on my mobile device:

Here are the type of posts I'm seeing by order of quantity from greatest to least:

  1. Posts that my connections liked or commented on (NOT what my connections created)

  2. A page my connection is now following

  3. Ads

  4. Content created directly by my connections

While scrolling in the video above, I didn't see any of the usual creators except for maybe Bertil on the list. That's the heartbreaking part for me.

My engagement has significantly decreased on LinkedIn

The other day I wrote on what I learned about LinkedIn while building my brand and to be honest, I don't how relevant that all is right now.

I posted on LinkedIn the other day that *I knew* exactly what I was doing wrong to warrant the reduced engagement on my content but... do I? Nah.

Here's the frustrating part for me as a creator.

I'm getting engagement similar to the engagement I received a few short months after I started creating content. I had roughly 1k connections then, I have 7.5K now #notbragging

All this time, I've been consistently creating content and using LinkedIn as the platform to drive eyes to project like these.

These aren't self-serving projects we're talking about here. I'm not asking you for money, I'm not selling you a thing. I'm creating this because I want to help others and this is how I do that.

When I started Keep The Customer, LinkedIn was what made it possible. My audience all came from LinkedIn initially.

So when my content loses roughly 60% of the engagement or views, it's concerning and frustrating.

Now what?

I don't know.

But here's the lesson:

I went too deep on one platform. So if you're just starting to build your presence online, don't rely on just one platform to get your message out.

I started posting more on Twitter as of yesterday. I have no idea what I'm doing but I had no idea what I was doing with LinkedIn either so 🤷🏽‍♀️

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