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Hi there 👋 my name is Diana De Jesus, a paralegal/bartender turned Customer Success expert in the B2B SaaS space. 

But being an "expert" in CS wasn't always the case. 


A few years ago, I felt lost in my career journey. I had an idea of what I wanted to do – Customer Success – but without the traditional experience behind me, it was hard to make a move. 

I came to the stark realization that all I had to show for myself was a piece of paper that professionally summed up who I was. I didn't have a network, and while I was a hard worker, only my teammates and I knew that, and "passion" alone wasn't helping me land a new job. 

After swimming in a sea of REJECTIONS, I knew I needed to change something, and that's when a friend told me, "create my own experience!" I started, a blog where I recapped podcast episodes on customer retention, and between this project and posting on LinkedIn, I had interviews lined up and a job in a few weeks. 


Over the few years, I:

  • Successfully transitioned to a CSM job 

  • Landed my dream CS job at (a Customer Success Platform because, if you haven't already noticed, I LOVE CS),

  • Named top 100 CS Strategist in 2020 and top 25 CS influencer in 2021)

  • Started a TikTok about all things CS with over 45k followers 

  • Had my work featured on Forbes and Business Insider​

  • My personal favorite: helped hundreds of people transition to Customer Success 

The Customer Success Project is the resource I wish I had when I was making the transition to Customer Success which is why I created it! 


I strongly believe in the future of Customer Success – it's not an optional department for companies that want to grow sustainably. And with the focus on soft skills within CS, it's the perfect career to transition into for many of us.  

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