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The Customer Success Project helps Customer Success Professionals reach the next level in their careers.

Learn skills. Gain confidence. Get promoted. Unlock more career opportunities. 

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At The Customer Success Project, we're dedicated to empowering Customer Success Pros at every stage of their careers.


We blend training, coaching, and resources to give them the tools, skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to advance in their roles and drive customer success within their organizations. 

What makes us different is that we're built by a CSM for CS pros. We hate fluff, so you won't see theories, just practical and actionable insights. And we believe in leading with skills first, not processes and templates (because robots can do that). 

Meet Our CEO & Founder, Diana De Jesus 

I founded The Customer Success Project in 2019. 

It started as a resource for aspiring CS professionals, and today, it's an entire support system for CS professionals who want to advance in their careers and here's how we got to this: 

Working as a CSM for a Customer Success Platform supporting Customer Success teams helped me 10X my growth in customer success. I saw many things: the flops and the wins, how different CS organizations operate, and the diverse strategies we can tap into.

But I didn't always feel 100% confident as a CSM. There were plenty of times when I felt like I was behind.

I was struggling to lead strategic conversations, I couldn't get clients to open up, and I wasn't making the impact I knew I could.

In retrospect, I needed skills and enablement. With little training, I had to—like many of us in CS—figure it out on my own. 

But it shouldn't be this hard for Customer Success professionals. We deserve to be supported the same way our counterparts in Sales do. 

They have access to enablement, training, and coaches, and we just get hand-me-down training and... Podcast episodes.

But that's where The Customer Success Project steps in. We're here to enable *only* CS professionals, by one of their very own, an award-winning Customer Success Leader.


Our Services

  • 1:1 Coaching: Personalized guidance for those looking to advance their career or navigate the job market.​​

  • CS Team Training: Tailored training programs designed to elevate the skills and effectiveness of entire Customer Success teams, fostering a culture of success and growth.

  • Customer Success 101: A quick yet comprehensive course designed for newcomers to the field, laying down the foundational blocks of knowledge.

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