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Customer Success Manager  Coaching

Customer Success Career Coaching to help you become more strategic in your career so you can feel more confident, get promoted or land a job.

If it feels like you're not always sure about what you're doing as a Customer Success Manager, you are absolutely not alone. 


Other CSMs are feeling it, too: 

"I have a lot of different priorities. There's a lot going on. Feeling very reactive than proactive."

"I can't seem to get my clients on board with ANYTHING. What am I doing wrong?" 

"I just started my job, and there are no processes or expectations. I feel stuck and not sure what to do."

Being a CSM is hard. But it's also a great career.


Hi, I'm Diana! I've worked as a CSM, I did CS for Customer Success teams (back when I worked for a CS platform), and now I work directly with CSMs and CS teams on training and coaching. 


I've seen a lot of the things that work and don't, and I can help you get to the next level in your career. 

If you're done with trying to figure things out on your own and you're ready for a quicker, easier way to learn, CSM coaching is exactly what you need.

I have something for every step of your CS career journey.


Let's work together to figure out your goals.


I'll provide you with a tailored plan to reach them, packed with useful tips, actionable insights you can implement tomorrow (we don't do theories here), templates, and ways of thinking to help you move forward with the mindset of a successful CSM.

P.S., Not sure if you're ready for a full coach but need help? Book an hour coaching session here. 

What's Your Goal? 

Is Coaching Right For You Right NOW? 

Coaching isn't for everyone.


But if you're the type of person who: 


  • Wants to grow faster than you could on your own

  • Wants to avoid roadblocks and tap into the experience that will help you get there quickly

  • You look forward to the perks that come from coaching (like better pay, more recognition, and the pride that comes from your achievements)

Coaching could be the right fit. 

Let's Get Started 

Grow In Your Career 

Unlock your strategic CSM potential so that you can feel more confident, level up your skills and get promoted. 



  • Initial assessment call (let’s figure out what you need help with)

  • bi-weekly coaching sessions for 6 months 

  • Personalized 6 Month Career Growth Plan 

  • Resources & Templates as needed 

How to get started:

Not sure if it's for you? Book a free 15-minute chat with me.  

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Working on Computer

Want to become a more "strategic" CSM? 

  • Isn't training my team my job as a CS Leader? Why would I bring someone else to do that?
    Firstly, yes! Training is absolutely part of your job as a CS Leader – the best CS leaders I've worked with prioritize enabling their team (kudos to you if you are that leader). While bringing someone else in to train your team might seem counterintuitive, there are plenty of benefits. Here are some of the major ones: 1. This frees up your time to focus on strategic planning and critical tasks 2. Your team sees it as an investment in their growth, which boosts morale and engagement and helps you retain your top talent 3. You're bringing in an external expert with a wealth of knowledge and experience from various industries and companies. This outside perspective can introduce new ideas and strategies that might not be evident from within the organization.
  • What specific outcomes can our team expect from these workshops?
    Our workshops are designed to empower your customer success team with strategic and proactive skills that directly impact critical metrics like Net Revenue Retention (NRR). We believe that achieving outcomes starts with enabling your team with core Customer Success skills. Building their ability to have more outcomes-driven conversations, improving their relationship management across all stakeholders, and understanding how to execute their strategy effectively will improve team efficiency, standardize customer success processes, and enhance the proactive identification of risk and revenue opportunities.
  • How do you tailor the training to meet our company's specific needs?
    We understand that each company has unique challenges and goals. Before the workshop, we conduct a thorough assessment to understand your specific needs. The training is then customized with relevant data, practical exercises, and strategies that align with your team's dynamics and business objectives.
  • Can the training be conducted remotely or does it require in-person attendance?
    To accommodate diverse needs and preferences, we offer both remote (digital) and in-person training options. Our digital workshops are conducted via Zoom (don't worry, they're still every engaging), ensuring an effective and inclusive learning experience regardless of your team's location.
  • Who is leading the workshops?
    Our workshops are led by Diana De Jesus, an experienced trainer and expert in the field of Customer Success. She brings a wealth of knowledge from working with a variety of teams in the SaaS industry, ensuring that the training is both insightful and practical. Throughout her career, she has taken on various roles, such as team lead, customer success manager, and customer marketing manager at prominent startups. Working with over 50 CS teams, she's assisted them in streamlining their operations and unlocking their team's potential through engaging coaching.
  • Is there follow-up support or additional resources available after the workshop?
    Absolutely! We believe in providing ongoing support to ensure the successful implementation of strategies learned in our workshops. This includes a follow-up session and, if needed, access to personalized consultations to address any lingering questions or challenges.
  • I have a question. How can I get in touch?
    You can send us an email directly!
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