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50 Different Things You Can Post About As a Customer Success Manager

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

One of the common struggles I hear when people start posting on LinkedIn is that they don't know what to write about. And it's kinda crazy because there's SOOO much to write about yet, our brain is highly critical about what WE will say.

I remember spending a ridiculous amount of time finding the "right" topic. But here's the thing, finding the subject is just one thing, actually writing about it, is another. Though the latter, I'd argue is the trickest, I want to make things easy on you.

This post is here to help you when you're in a pickle. Here are 50 random things you can write about and all you have to do is give it the YOU touch. What's your experience, your opinion, your approach to any of these topics we'll cover below.

Topics to post about on LinkedIn

  1. Onboarding

  2. Tech touch/High touch/Low touch

  3. QBRs/EBRs

  4. Cadence calls

  5. Annual reviews

  6. Getting buy-in from stakeholders

  7. Creating a customer journey map

  8. Customer Marketing v. Customer Success

  9. Customer Success’ involvement in Sales

  10. Pilots

  11. Virtual calls v. in-person calls with customers

  12. Customer Experience in Customer Success

  13. Who should own onboarding?

  14. Renewals

  15. Who should own renewals?

  16. Asking good discovery questions

  17. The skills needed as a CSM

  18. CSMs have to be product experts

  19. Getting promoted as a CSM

  20. A customer story you learned from

  21. Something that you’ve failed at in Customer Success

  22. CSMs as project managers

  23. CSM <> Product

  24. CSM <> Marketing

  25. CSM <> Sales

  26. Bad fit customers

  27. CSM & Product-Market fit

  28. How did you become a CSM?

  29. Voice of Customer

  30. Customer Health Score

  31. Saying “no” to customers

  32. The day in the life of a CSM (your life)

  33. Customer Feedback (NPS)

  34. Product adoption (as it relates to CSM)

  35. Upselling/cross-selling

  36. Your experience using your CS Software

  37. Your experience at a CS event

  38. Transition accounts from one touch to another (from low touch to tech touch)

  39. Enterprise v. mid-market CSM

  40. Relationship building as a CSM

  41. Your experience with your tool stack (Trello, Salesforce, Asana, Todoist, Slack, etc.)

  42. Reviving accounts

  43. A CS book you’ve read

  44. A CS blog you’ve read

  45. A podcast you’ve listened to (and the main takeaways)

  46. Creating rapport with customers

  47. Onboarding to CS handoff

  48. Sales to CS handoff

  49. KPIs in CS

  50. Skills you want to learn

Writing the post once you have the topic

Alright, you've managed to get past the first hurdle, which is finding a topic. Now it's time for you to turn it into a post. If you haven't done so already, check out this post where I cover the basics of LinkedIn. You'll learn about pointers to help you maximize your reach –– LinkedIn is a mysterious platform 😈


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