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Customer Success Certification and Courses, Do You Need Them To Get a Job?

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

If you've fallen into any rabbit holes while researching "Customer Success Manager", you've likely come across a handful of certifications or courses in the space.

And the one question that immediately follows will likely be "Do I need this?"

So this post is here to shine some light on these resources and help you make an informed decision.

I've never taken a certification or course so I took it to the streets, or LinkedIn, to get some answers from people that have gone through it themselves, are doing the hiring for CSM roles, or are in the same boat as you (In the job market).

453 people voted on a poll and we're going to dive into these stats and their comments.

Do you need CSM certification to get a job?

TL;DR: No.

If you're considering moving into a Customer Success role, these certifications are not a requirement. However, they can be very helpful and it's always a great idea to invest in your personal development.

Hiring managers are not taking off points from your application if you didn't take a course but it does show that you are invested which is favorable. The truth this, some of these courses are expensive and not everyone can afford them. One interaction that really resonated with me in the comment section was that of Cairo and Shari's:

If you're already working in a customer-facing role or have SaaS experience, a lot of your skills are easily transferrable. Mo highlighted this well in her comment:

The decision is in your ballpark but you have options.

What are some recommended Customer Success courses?

There were a handful of courses/programs mentioned in the comments so I highly recommend checking it out but here are the top three:

What are the alternatives to taking a Customer Success certified course?

The best thing about the Customer Success community is that resources are abundant! Between communities, blogs, podcasts, and LinkedIn, you can create your own mini-course and learn as you go.

Here are 3 resources to get you started:

  1. Keep The Customer - I started this blog when I was learning about Customer Success. You'll find recaps of CS podcast episodes and the top 3 takeaways you need to know.

  2. SaaS mini-crash course - If you're brand new to tech, you'll want to learn about SaaS. I put together a quick and dirty mini-course for you to get started.

  3. Gain Grow Retain - Join this community, follow the threads, dial into the weekly calls!

Prefer watching it? I've created a video on my YouTube channel. Check it out below:

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Shannon Mitchell
Shannon Mitchell
Aug 06, 2023

Currently enrolled with Success Hacker & love it so far! Great post, Diana. 😁

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