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Podcast: How to Build Your Online Presence on LinkedIn

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Marija, the creator of the Women in Customer Success podcast, to talk about building your online presence on LinkedIn.

I'm a huge fan of this podcast because it not only shines a spotlight on the women of CS but with each post, it brings more values and new perspectives to the Customer Success community. When I first learned that Marijia was starting this podcast, I put it on my list to recap an episode on keep the customer ASAP.

To say it was an honor to be interviewed for this podcast is an understatement 🖤 for The Customer Success Project, it's also a great resource which is why I'm also posting it here. I shared what Marija calls "a mini masterclass" on brand building for Customer Success professionals.

We covered the follow topics:

  1. Why should you start building your brand as CS professional?

  2. What to post about?

  3. What does the journey look like?

  4. How to keep up with personal life, work and building your brand.


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