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Give Your CS Team The Tools They Need To Become More Strategic

Bridge the strategy gap. Develop your team while driving customer growth and revenue.

Why Is Strategic CS Training Different? 

We understand your challenges firsthand. We've worn multiple hats in customer success – from frontline CSM, immersing ourselves in the world of customer success while working at a leading CS platform (Catalyst) to coaching high-performing teams. Through these experiences, we've witnessed the common struggle: closing the gap between strategic vision and tangible results.

Leaders like you often grapple with how to:

  • Align team execution with broader business goals

  • Equip CSMs with the skills to think strategically, not just reactively

  • Measure the true impact of customer success initiative

Here's how we bridge the gap for you:

  • Customized Training: We start with an assessment to understand your unique challenges and goals. No cookie-cutter solutions.

  • Actionable Insights: Teach you a framework (The RISE System) to become long-term strategic thinker. 

  • Real-World Application: Workshops and post-training support ensure your team applies what they learn, driving measurable growth.

This is your competitive edge. Get a team that executes on your vision and delivers breakthrough customer success.

How Does It Work?

Our training is built on a collaborative approach, ensuring your team gets the most impactful experience. Here's what you can expect:

Step 1: Assessment

We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We start by working with you to understand your specific challenges, goals, and current CS structure. This initial assessment ensures the training is tailored to address your team's unique needs.

Step 3: Workshop

Learning by doing is key. Interactive workshops allow your team to apply the RISE System to real-life scenarios, solidifying their understanding and building confidence for implementation.

Step 2: Masterclass

Our proven RISE System framework equips your team with the tools and strategies they need to become strategic thinkers. This masterclass provides a strong foundation for success.

Step 4: Ongoing Support

Your success is our success. We provide a post-training 30-day check-in to answer questions, ensure continued application of learnings, and measure progress towards your goals.

Is your Customer Success team "strategic"?

Meet The RISE System

RISE System-TheCustomerSuccessProject.png
The Secret Weapon for Strategic CS Teams

We developed RISE because we saw a critical gap. CS professionals were hungry to become strategic thinkers, but lacked a clear roadmap. Traditional training often fell short, focusing on tactics without a strategic foundation.

RISE provides a comprehensive framework that empowers your team to become strategic powerhouses. It's not just four pillars – it's a holistic approach that integrates proven GTM tactics from sales and marketing, while leveraging the power of AI to maximize efficiency.

Why is this so valuable? Strategic thinking requires bandwidth. By streamlining processes and leveraging AI, RISE frees up your team's time to focus on what truly matters – building deep customer relationships, extracting actionable insights, and developing winning strategies that propel customer success.

With RISE, your team will:

  • Forge stronger customer relationships that go beyond transactions.

  • Uncover hidden insights to proactively address customer needs and prevent churn.

  • Develop data-driven strategies that align with your overall business goals.

  • Execute flawlessly with efficient workflows and AI-powered automation.


The RISE System is the secret recipe for building a strategic CS team that delivers exceptional results.

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Is Training Right For Your Team?

Team training is an investment in your Customer Success Team. 

if you're a CS Leader who:

  • Wants to uplevel your team's skills but don't have the time to do it yourself. 

  • Noticed your team could use a little boost – morale isn't the same. 

  • Wants to keep your talent by offering them valuable growth and learning opportunities. 

  • Could use a fresh perspective (from a seasoned expert) to inspire new ideas and strategies. 

Training your CS team is the way to go.

Still not sure? You can book a free 15-minute training request call to get more info. 

  • Isn't training my team my job as a CS Leader? Why would I bring someone else to do that?
    Firstly, yes! Training is absolutely part of your job as a CS Leader – the best CS leaders I've worked with prioritize enabling their team (kudos to you if you are that leader). While bringing someone else in to train your team might seem counterintuitive, there are plenty of benefits. Here are some of the major ones: 1. This frees up your time to focus on strategic planning and critical tasks 2. Your team sees it as an investment in their growth, which boosts morale and engagement and helps you retain your top talent 3. You're bringing in an external expert with a wealth of knowledge and experience from various industries and companies. This outside perspective can introduce new ideas and strategies that might not be evident from within the organization.
  • What specific outcomes can our team expect from these workshops?
    Our workshops are designed to empower your customer success team with strategic and proactive skills that directly impact critical metrics like Net Revenue Retention (NRR). We believe that achieving outcomes starts with enabling your team with core Customer Success skills. Building their ability to have more outcomes-driven conversations, improving their relationship management across all stakeholders, and understanding how to execute their strategy effectively will improve team efficiency, standardize customer success processes, and enhance the proactive identification of risk and revenue opportunities.
  • How do you tailor the training to meet our company's specific needs?
    We understand that each company has unique challenges and goals. Before the workshop, we conduct a thorough assessment to understand your specific needs. The training is then customized with relevant data, practical exercises, and strategies that align with your team's dynamics and business objectives.
  • Can the training be conducted remotely or does it require in-person attendance?
    To accommodate diverse needs and preferences, we offer both remote (digital) and in-person training options. Our digital workshops are conducted via Zoom (don't worry, they're still every engaging), ensuring an effective and inclusive learning experience regardless of your team's location.
  • Who is leading the workshops?
    Our workshops are led by Diana De Jesus, an experienced trainer and expert in the field of Customer Success. She brings a wealth of knowledge from working with a variety of teams in the SaaS industry, ensuring that the training is both insightful and practical. Throughout her career, she has taken on various roles, such as team lead, customer success manager, and customer marketing manager at prominent startups. Working with over 50 CS teams, she's assisted them in streamlining their operations and unlocking their team's potential through engaging coaching.
  • Is there follow-up support or additional resources available after the workshop?
    Absolutely! We believe in providing ongoing support to ensure the successful implementation of strategies learned in our workshops. This includes a follow-up session and, if needed, access to personalized consultations to address any lingering questions or challenges.
  • I have a question. How can I get in touch?
    You can send us an email directly!

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